Saturday Schedule of Events

Demo Area 1

9:00-10:50     Horsin’ Around is Fun for the Young and Young at Heart- Brenda Cordonnier

11:00-11:50    Trail Riding 101- Confidence and Relaxation for Horse and Rider- Emily Elias

12:00-             Lunch

1:00-2:50        Cooking with Dutch Ovens- Dick Phillips

3:00-3:50        Learn the Basics of Packing for Your First Backcountry Pack Trip- Casey & Phil Hufstader


Demo Area 2

9:00-9:50        Fit Your Horse First- Jennifer Paulson

10:00-10:50   Thermography- Imaging Your Horse’s Pain- Tom Cernansky

11:00-11:50    HELP! 40 Miles into the Backcountry and I Need a Vet!!?- Dr. Don Howard

12:00-             Lunch

1:00-1:50        Equine First Aid for the Day Rider- Dr. Tony Oddo

2:00-2:50        The Geriatric Horse, Maintaining the Quality of Life- Dr. Terri Bloomfield

3:00-3:50        Evaluation and Treatment of Common Backcountry Wounds- Dr. Mitch Benson


Demo Area 3

9:00-9:50        Dancing Life Unplugged- Kelly Behr

10:00-10:50   Evaluating Your Tack for Safety and Suitability- Chris Tornow

11:00-11:50    The Formfitter Pack Saddle & Other Essential Backcountry Gear- Wade Mauhl

12:00-             Lunch

1:00-1:50        The Hackamore- Garrick Pasini

2:00-2:50        Saddle Animal Safety for the Packer- Lee Roeser

3:00-3:50        Practical Trail Application with Cross Cut Saws- Arden Corey


Demo Area 4


            Box Hitch – Carol Shoemaker

            Basket Hitch- Jerry Bentz

            Salmon River Hitches- Bill Roberts


12:00- Lunch

1:00- 4:00-

            Box & Diamond Hitches- Dan Applebaker

            Walker Hitch- Jerry Henning

            Salmon River Hitches- Mike Bryan

Demo Area 5

9:00-9:50        Staying Found- The Needle Points North or Does It?- Robert Eversole

10:00-10:50   No Mule?  No Problem!- Robert Eversole

11:00-11:50    Horsin’ Around on the Pacific Crest Trail- Becky Wolf

12:00-             Lunch

1:00-1:50        Knots Used Around Stock- Peggy Goshgarian

2:00-2:50        Bits and Spurs- From Fabrication to Function- Garrett Duncan

3:00-3:50        Planning Considerations for Extended Pack Trips & Teton Trip Video - Betty Applebaker


Demo Area 6

9:00-9:50        Prepare for your Pack Trip at Home & Pack Out of the Trailhead Safely- USFS Packers

10:00-11:50   Pack Saddle Comparison, Using the Right Saddle for the Job- USFS Packers

12:00-             Lunch

1:00-1:50        Equestrian Drill Routine- Galloping Glitz Equestrian Team

2:00-3:50        Lunging and Long Lining- A Training Foundation- Michael Wakefield

3:00-               continued